There is a continuum running throughout Viv Allbright’s work. Enduring themes of humanity have been revisited many times over a lifetime to build a body of work spanning continents and exploring the fundamentals of mankind’s existence: the effects of conflict; our relationships with animals and our geographical surroundings; and how we have chosen to record these things throughout history.

The results are exemplary within her field. The authenticity of her drawing shines through in even the most abstract of her works. The foundations of her practice – observation and recording – laying solid bedrocks for the subtle layers of texture, colour and form she builds upon them.

This new website is the start of an ongoing project and currently only shows a tiny selection of her work. This edited collection will be expanded over the coming months to bring you a full and ongoing record of her creative practice past and present.

“When I’m selecting work I’m looking for integrity, for work that takes an independent line and doesn’t take account of current opinion.
I’m looking for artists who follow their own nose, who have found their own voice.”

Nicholas Usherwood’s criteria for selecting works for NSA Critics Choice 2017
at Tremenheere Art gallery.